September 2015

Featured Presentation

Database Migrations 101

Speaker: Gilda Alvarez

Summary: The only constant thing is change. As companies continue to migrate to newer versions or different data centers, we need to develop strategies and tools to make sure we can perform successful migrations. What if we had a checklist? Just like moving to a new home the success of the "move" relies on the preparation. This presentation will go over a checklist of steps needed to prepare for a database migration.

About Gilda: Gilda Alvarez is Sr. Solution Engineer at Deloitte. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with MIS and Computer science degrees. She has over a decade of experience in Enterprise Information Technology solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. In depth and applied knowledge of database administration with emphasis on high availability and disaster recovery solutions, security audits, database health checks, capacity planning, resource utilization analysis and enterprise database migrations. She is a big advocate of technical and leadership education in her community. She loves to spend time with her family, friends and dance Latin music.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Maximizing SSIS Package Performance (Video Replay)

Speaker: Tim Mitchell

Summary: When reviewing your ETL processes, the No. 1 question is always, "Does it work as expected?" Closely following that question is the ubiquitous, "How fast does it run?" This session's tips are targeted at improve the latter.

In this video replay from the 2015 PASS Performance Virtual Chapter's "Performance Palooza", we'll focus on SSIS package performance, quickly reviewing 15 common hotspots for performance issues as well as recommended methods for maximizing throughput. You’ll walk away with some key design patterns and recommendations that you can use today to improve SSIS package performance.

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