October 2015

Featured Presentation

Management Data Warehouse and Data Collector

Speaker: Ian Lanham

Summary: If you've ever had to answer "why was the database server slow at 3 AM?", then you'll want to learn about the Management Data Warehouse feature in SQL Server. If you're already familiar with Server-side Tracing and Data Collector, then you'll also want to add the Management Data Warehouse to your toolkit. This presentation will cover installing and configuring the Management Data Warehouse feature in SQL Server, along with some customizations that can be added with additional Data Collector sets and custom SSRS Reports.

About Ian: Ian Lanham is a Database Administrator in the Orlando area, and is a regular attendee of SQL Saturdays and MagicPASS monthly meetings.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Topic TBD

Summary: TBD (But it will be something good, we promise!))

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