September 2014

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SQL Server Security Easy Button

Speaker: Ronald Dameron

Summary: It is becoming increasingly difficult to allow SQL Server database administrators to retain sysadmin permission 24x7x365 on production servers due to IT Security, Audit, and Compliance concerns.

This session will review the fundamentals needed to define a configurable permission model that allows your company’s DBAs to do routine work without them having unfettered access to business data. Attendees will learn how to deploy a permission model that allows DBAs to do routine work, elevate DBA permissions quickly to respond to production emergencies and how to grant sysadmin permissions during disaster recovery scenarios. Scripts will be reviewed and demonstrated that secure the database server and that can undo the permission model in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Attendees will leave this session with the fundamental knowledge and a set of scripts to implement a low hassle solution that provides DBAs the minimum necessary access required to maintain a production database server.

About Ronald: Lead MSSQL DBA for largest life insurer in the USA. Current interests are: Database automation and database security.

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