July 2014

Featured Presentation

Introduction to SQL Server Geospatial

Speaker: Santosh Hari

Summary: Location based data and services are revolutionizing the way our devices and applications behave. This session will center around how SQL Server (2008/2012/2014) with it's geospatial capabilities can help you further leverage geolocation data. A fun intro session to SQL Server geospatial and some hacks/best practices to make life easy when handling SQL Server geospatial data..

About Santosh: Santosh Hari is a software entrepreneur with experience building products on the .NET platform since 2002 and over 15 years in the software industry. He currently works for a startup, leveraging his software skills to help provide better coverage for your wireless devices. He specializes in web services, APIs, ETL and databases and, on-the-side, loves tinkering with geospatial data and software. He is also the Director of Technology for ONETUG.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Index Fragmentation: Internals, Analysis, and Solutions (Video Replay)

Speaker: Paul Randal

Summary: As soon as you have more than one index on a table, you're going to start seeing fragmentation. Many people know that this fragmentation is bad, but why is it bad? And what is the best way to get rid of it? Come find out from the person who wrote the tools for detecting and removing index fragmentation.

In this session, you’ll learn how fragmentation occurs and why the process that leads to it can often be as damaging to performance as the fragmentation itself. You'll also learn how to test for fragmentation, the different methods of removing it, and everything you need to consider when putting together an appropriate fragmentation-management strategy.

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