November 2013

Featured Presentation

Indexing for Join Optimization

Speaker: Jeff Garbus

Summary: Everything you wanted to know about join optimization but were afraid to ask... Join types, indexing, and how the optimizer makes its selections.

About Jeff: Jeff has been in the SQL Server business for over 20 years, training and consulting, with an emphasis on performance and tuning. He has written over a dozen books and hundreds of magazine articles. Jeff is the CEO of Soaring Eagle Consulting in Tampa, FL, and is a frequent speaker at SQLSaturday and user groups.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Deadlock Analysis and Prevention (Part 3)

Speaker: Jonathan Kehayias (Video replay from

Summary: In part 3 of a 3 part series, learn how to analyze and prevent troublesome deadlocks that can occur in SQL Server, applicable for developers, DBAs, and anyone who uses SQL Server from SQL Server 2005 onwards.

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