April 2013

Featured Presentation

Building Your Own SQL Server Virtual Playground

Speaker: Kendal Van Dyke

Summary: As the number of SQL Server versions and features grow over time so does the the difficulty in maintaining a set of tools for working with all of them on your local machine. Add in that some features require multiple physical instances and suddenly a single installation isn't enough. Need to quickly switch between versions and editions of SQL Server? Want to learn how to set up a cluster? Or maybe you want to try out the latest features in SQL 2012...virtualization offers a convenient way to do any or all of these. In this session we'll show you how by covering the fundamentals of desktop virtualization and demonstrating how to set up a virtual playground on your own machine.

About Kendal: Kendal Van Dyke is a practiced IT professional with over a decade of experience in SQL Server development and administration. Kendal is currently a Principal Consultant with UpSearch SQL, where he helps companies keep their SQL Servers running in high gear. Kendal is also a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server and President of the PASS chapter MagicPASS in Orlando.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Introduction to Extended Events (Part 4)

Speaker: Jonathan Kehayias (Video replay from

Summary: Did you know that Profiler has been marked as deprecated in SQL 2012? Extended Events are the new way to look at what's going on in your SQL Server and in the final part of this series you'll learn how to use them to perform analysis and troubleshooting on SQL Server using either Transact-SQL or the Extended Events UIs. This series is applicable for developers, DBAs and anyone who uses SQL Server from SQL Server 2008 onwards.

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