September 2012

Featured Presentation

SQL Server Backups and Restores: Myths and Advanced Features

Speaker: Shawn McGehee

Summary: In this session we will go over a few backup and restore myths that plague SQL Server. We will also go over some of the more advanced backup and restore operations/processes that are available to you in SQL Server 2012. We will start off slow with some of the basics on how full backups interact with transaction log backups in a FULL recovery model situation and end with the online restore options available when using Enterprise edition (yes, you can restore a database in pieces while parts are already online).

About Shawn: Shawn McGehee is the manager of Data Services for a large insurance company here in Orlando, FL. He is also involved in the SQL Server community as President of OPASS in Lake Mary, FL, on the organization board of Orlando SQLSaturdays, and can normally be found speaking/wandering around most Southeast SQLSaturdays. He is a co-author on the Apress SSRS 2012 book and the sole author on the new SimpleTalk title, SQL Backup and Restore. You can find him on twitter as @SQLShawn and on LinkedIn.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Windows PowerShell Crash Course

Speaker: Don Jones & Jeffrey Snover (Video replay from TechEd North America 2012)

Summary: Windows PowerShell v3 is here, and it is delivering on Microsoft's promise to make nearly everything in Windows manageable from the command-line. Are you finally going to learn the shell, or learn to say, "would you like fries with that?" instead? Join PowerShell author, columnist, trainer, and MVP Don Jones (one of the world's most well-known PowerShell experts) in a crash course that shows you how to use the shell's key features. No scripting experience needed - you'll use the shell as it as meant to be used to accomplish real administrative tasks with just a few commands. Also, learn how the shell can teach you how to use itself, setting you up for success with the new wave of Microsoft and third-party enterprise products.

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