July 2012

Featured Presentation

PowerPivot+Power View = Self-service BI Revolution

Speaker: Jose Chinchilla

Summary: SQL Server 2012 introduced several new features and tools that have sparked the self-service BI revolution. Learn how PowerPivot and the new ad-hoc dashboarding tool called PowerView are revolutionizing the way Business Intelligence is being delivered and consumed by the end users themselves. In this beginner level session you will also understand what is the role of IT in this new self-service paradox.

About Jose: Jose Chinchilla is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Business Intelligence Architect, President of Agile Bay, Inc. a full-service IT consulting firm specializing in BI and Data Warehousing. Jose has developed expertise developing Data Warehouses, OLAP Cubes, Master Data Management and Data Quality frameworks, and Performance Point dashboards using the SQL Server and SharePoint. He is also the current president of the Tampa Bay Business Intelligence User Group. Jose blogs at and is @sqljoe on Twitter.

Pre-Meeting Presentation

Let's Talk About Certifications

Summary: You’ve probably thought about getting certified in SQL Server. Do you need to be certified? What certifications are available and which should you take first? How should you prepare for the exams? Two video replays from Microsoft Certified Master Kendra Little will help answer those questions. First, she'll explain what certifications are available, what the advantages are of becoming certified, and give practical tips for making the most of your exams. Second, she'll explain about the new certifications available for SQL Server 2012.

This is a can't miss session for anyone participating in our BI study group, interested in updating existing certifications for SQL 2012, or wanting to get started on your certification journey.

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