January 2012

Featured Presentation

Useful Tools for a DBA and\or Database Developer

Speaker: Daniel Taylor

Summary: Just like any good tradesman understanding your tools is key to getting the job done accurately and timely. Are you Database Developer or DBA? If so are you familiar with the out of the box tools provide to us by Microsoft? During this session I will walk thru some of the SSMS tools I find useful and help me get the job done in an accurate and timely manner. We will also walk thru some of the tools shared with the development teams which they have found useful to complete their daily tasks.

About Daniel: Daniel Taylor started his DBA life at Nielsen Media Research Company working with Sybase ASE 11 thru 12.5, Sybase IQ, eventually moving to SQL server. Daniel has worked with SQL Server version from 7.0 to 2008R2. Daniel is currently a Sr. SQL Database Administrator at Publix Supermarkets. You can find him on Twitter as @DBABullDog.


Pre-Meeting Presentation

More DBA Mythbusters

Speaker: Paul Randal (Video replay from 2011 PASS Summit DVDs)

Summary: It's amazing how many myths and misconceptions have sprung up and persisted over the years about SQL Server - after 12 years helping people out on forums, newsgroups, and customer engagements, Paul's heard it all. Building on the success of the original DBA Mythbusters session from last year, Paul brings another 90 minutes of myth debunking of a whole new set of myths and misconceptions in this fast-paced session on how SQL Server operates and should be managed and maintained. Come and see how many YOU get right!

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