October 2011

Featured Presentation

Rapidly Deploying SQL Server with PowerShell

Speaker: Mike Wells

Summary: As much as you love SQL Server, do you cringe anytime you hear that you’ll need to stand up yet another SQL Server instance? Sure it’s fun, but who has the time? Maybe you’ve thought there must be a better way of doing this? Sure, you have the ability to generate an unattended install file, but what about all the other things that will need to be done? In this talk, we will explore a process that was created to truly automate not just the SQL Server install, but all of the configurations and the deployment of your organizations standard objects, all using a set of PowerShell scripts that you can download and use today. This session will review the process that has saved hundreds of hours for one organization and can do the same for yours.

About Mike: Michael Wells is a Database Administrator for Raymond James Financial based in St. Petersburg, FL. He has worked in IT since 2000 and has supported all versions of Microsoft SQL Server from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008R2. Michael has been presenting topics on SQL Server since 2007 for local user groups as well as CodeCamps, SQLSaturdays, and this year’s IT Camp in Tampa. Michael runs the Sarasota SQL Server Users Group and also maintains a blog at


Pre-Meeting Presentation

Query Tuning Tips

Speaker: Itzik Ben-Gan (Video replay from 2010 PASS Summit DVDs)

Summary: Given a SQL Server querying problem there's much that you can do to enable a good performing solution. Tuning involves arranging an optimal physical environment,(e.g., by creating supporting indexes), as well as writing the query in a way that it would get an optimal execution plan. Many factors can affect the efficiency of the solution including the availability of indexes, data distribution and density, and others. In different scenarios, a different solution could be the most efficient for the same querying problem. Query tuning could be considered an art. This session will provide various tips to do efficient query tuning and demonstrate those through specific tuning examples.


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