June 2011

Featured Presentation

Rewriting Bad Code

Speaker: Jeff Garbus

Summary: This session consists of real-life examples of poorly performing t-sql code and what was done to improve performance by several orders of magnitude. Jeff will cover a variety of performance topics from misuse of tempdb, to excessive io, to taking advantage of new t-sql features. These examples are also featured in his most recent (and well-reviewed) book, "Microsoft Transact - SQL, The Definitive Guide".

About Jeff: Jeff has been consulting on and performing technical training for MS SQL Server since 1989, Version 4, on OS/2. Since then, he has worked extensively with each release of the product, specializing in performance and tuning, from concept through legacy system, on systems of all sizes, from small start-up company applications to multi-terabyte data warehouses.

He has been working on large-scale systems for most of that time, having tuned a 100-gig/week throughput application on MS SQL Server 6, and has scaled many multi-terabyte databases in SQL 2005 & 2008.

Jeff's background includes work experience from PC's to Mainframes and back again, in all aspects of IT, from developer, to DBA Manager, to IT Executive. His specialty is performance and tuning with a special emphasis on large-scale projects with very large databases. He is very well known in the industry, having spoken at user conferences and user groupsfor many years, written articles and columns for many magazines nationally and internationally, as well as having written over a dozen books.

He can be easily found at


Pre-Meeting Presentation

SQL CAT: Lessons Learned Working with MSIT and Microsoft BI to Improve Performance and Productivity

Speaker: SQL CAT team (Video replay from 2010 PASS Summit DVDs)

Summary: In this session, we will explore a number of new techniques that we have developed to improve the performance of Excel reports against Analysis Services cubes. You will learn how to enrich the BI user experience by utilizing the features of the Excel client with Excel Services. You will discover how combining these technologies enables you to execute complex calculations on powerful servers and to reduce performance penalties related to slow network connections, while still providing the user with the full Excel client experience. This session will include a demonstration of MSIT solution for querying Analysis Services in a worldwide deployment, maximizing performance over slow network connections. In addition, we will explore how MSIT is enabling power users to create and deploy their own highly performant cubes based on IT-approved conformed dimensions and IT-sanctioned fact tables.


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